Update on Range

Dec 24 2015

Since the partial shutdown of the range we have numerous training and competitive events with over 400,000 rounds fired. Fortunately there have been no reports of any impacts where they shouldn’t be. Last night the Shooting Sports Park Board voted to okay the Red Cliffs Rifle Range to resume normal shooting schedules.

In order to isolate what is happening at the park we will continue to only run events where shooting is monitored. However, we will add in practice events daily where those practice but with direct monitoring.  Basically, all shots will be monitored and shooting will only be done 10AM to 2PM each day. No shooting will without range officers monitoring. RSVPs not required, but are helpful so we know how many range officers we will need.

The 100 yard bay is closed except to competitive events or required sight-in/load development by authorized shooters. Finally, the only centerfire rifle round authorized on the range is .223/5.56 or those with similar ballistics profile (e.g. 5.45×39 AK). No steel core or tri-metal blend bullets are permitted on the range (even when shooting paper).

We have contracted with the NRA to send a team out to evaluate all of the parks ranges. That should happen in the early part of the New Year. We may have to shut down so they can have free reign all over the park, and we will notify as far out as we know, and also try to ensure it isn’t on a Tuesday or Saturday.

Ken N.
Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range