What is Sporting Steel?

Sporting Steel is a fun shooting game for pistol caliber guns (.22. to .45 ACP) where you shoot steel targets for fun and score with guns you already own.  It can be played as an accuracy game  or a speed game.

A Sporting Steel course has 4 to 5 stages, each with 20 shots required. Sporting Steel is suitable for all ages and physical conditions, including wheel chair or other types of physical challenges.

The targets are steel and are in all shapes, sizes, and reactions. You may have to shoot some twice, or spin or move others. It's fun!  The courses change about once a month.

There are two variants:

Sporting Steel - Tally

Shoot the targets in the least rounds. Like golf, the lowest number wins!   For ties the winner is the longest consecutive hits in a row.
To break that tie, you shoot off til a miss, flip a coin, or agree to remain tied!

Sporting Steel - Rapid Fire

Hit the targets as fast as you can. Make up shots you miss. The fastest total time wins!

The variants use the same course of fire.  And can be played at the same time in a squad ( a group of shooters traveling together thru the courses of fire).

When can I do it?

You can make an appointment to do it as a group (for instance Scouts, or a family outing) on our website for 7 days a week (daylight hours) or by calling.

Note that Scouts and other community organizations are free (donations welcome).

Call to let us know if you are bringing a big group (which would be awesome!)

Or you can walk-on any time the range is open on Fri/Sat/Sun. This is generally 0800 to 1700, but can vary seasonally.

How much does it cost?

$10 for as many times thru as  you like in a day. $20 for a family.

You will need about 100 rounds of whatever ammo you use.

We have a nice arrangement with Peak Ammo (www.peakammo.com) for a package where you can get ammo cheaper than WalMart if buying it to shoot in our games.

What Equipment is Needed?

You likely have all you need.

  • a pistol or rifle chambered in a "pistol" caliber.
    .22 Rimfire, .22 Magnum, .25 ACP, .32 ACP, .380 ACP, 9mm, .40, .45 ACP, .38 Special, .357 Magnum.  Please no 44 magnum or other more powerful hunting founds.  If you have a caliber not listed, call and ask.Example primo guns for this are a Glock 17, a Ruger 10/22 rifle, a Smith and Wesson MP-15 .22 rifle, or a Henry lever action in .22 or .38 special.
  • If playing Sporting Steel - Rapid Fire A way to load and shoot at least 20 rounds in 30 seconds.  This usually would mean a magazine fed pistol or carbine or a speed loader for a revolver.  Tubular fed guns are not permitted in the rapid fire variant.
  • About 100 rounds.


We use this scorecard . We have them printed at our check in station, or bring your own printouts.  Or use PractiScore (a free app on iOS and Android app stores).

Follow safety rules posted at the range and given verbally from who checked you in.

Shoot all steel from the designated shooting areas (stage dependent). NEVER get closer than 7 yards to a steel target when shooting.

For Sporting Steel - Tally, you shoot the stage, and right down how many shots it took you to hit all the targets.  It can help to have somebody count for you.  Take your time - accuracy is the name of the game!

For Sporting Steel - Rapid Fire, you will need somebody to run a timer (the check in person will supply one - make sure to give it back!).    The staff will run you through how to use the timer and the commands to start a run.  Shoot all the steel as fast  as you can. Reload when you need to. If you run out of ammo, or do not finish the course for some reason, the max time is 60 seconds.


When you leave a bay to go to the next stage it is courteous to paint the steel with the paint on the stages.

This is a family oriented sport. Please keep your language and attire respectful.

If a faster shooter or group catch you it is courteous to ask if they wish to join or shoot-thru.

Use your first score unless your group has an alibi or mulligan policy.  Practice is okay as long as you let squads through the stage.

Have fun!