October 29-30, 2016


Few, if any firearms have influenced the course of history more than the Kalashnikov series of assault rifles. Easily manufactured, tough as nails, simple enough for any conscript soldier or freedom fighter to operate, the AK is the most popular combat rifle in the world.

Unfortunately, the American AK is left behind when it comes to fun competitive shooting matches, in modern 3-Gun and Carbine matches it is simply outpaced by high-speed and highly modified AR-style rifles.

We at the ROK still love our ARs, 3-Gun matches and high-speed shooting. But, there is a soft spot in our heart for the Kalashnikov rifle and we find it sad that there’s no good competitive outlet for the AK in American shooting sports.

In the ROK, we have built a match that is challenging and exciting, all while shooting with a standard, inexpensive factory AK and surplus ammo. Stages in the match will celebrate the long and storied history of the “Kalash”.

Match starts: October 28, 2016 @ 6:00 PM
Match ends: October 30, 2016 @ 5:00 PM

Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range
St. George, UT

Match Fee:

Register here:   RD Red Oktober Kalashnikov Registration on Practiscore

The Rifle Dynamics Red October Kalashnikov is a practical-style competition providing a fun opportunity to compete using the AK-pattern rifle in a style that is typically slanted towards more modern AR-style designs. This match is NOT intended to be a tactics and doctrine-based exercise, just a fun celebration of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s rifle for the masses, which has served billions and billions worldwide in both noble and ignoble pursuits.

  • 8 Stages (two of which are nighttime low-light)
  • 300 rounds is a good minimum if you don’t miss. We recommend bringing double. Buy a case from one of our sponsors!
  • 200 shooters
  • AK-related vendors and sponsors!

We run a “half-day” schedule with room for 200 shooters, which gives our competitors time to peruse a vendor area that we intend to fill with AK-specific retailers, builders and parts makers, complete with live-fire demo areas!

Our event has grown! We are expecting some really fun AK related showcases and side stages, along with the match. Show up early on Friday the 28th to enjoy the entire show. Match and event kickoff on Friday evening, including night stages. Saturday and Sunday will have stages and side events all day. There will probably be some partying at night!


There will be 10 Courses of Fire in the match, two of which will take place at night in low-light stages.
We have four divisions:

  • Kalash Heavy, for stock 7.62×39 and larger-caliber AKs/direct variants. Iron sights and 30 round (or smaller) mags only.
  • Kalash Light, which is Kalash Heavy  but for anything 5.45 or larger
  • Open Kalash, where anything that’s an AK or variant and is chambered in 5.45 or larger is allowed! Optics, drum mags, anything you want so long as there’s an AK under there!
  • ComBloc, which is for any rifle issued by a Warsaw Pact nation that ISN’T an AK (such as an SKS, Vz.58, StG-44 or any commie subgun like a PPSh-41)
Complete rules can be found here


For any questions regarding rules or sponsorship contact brian@southernutahpracticalshootingrange.com


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