We host a MultiGun match on the 2nd Saturday of every month, except when major events conflict. To be sure of our MultiGun Schedule, check the Calendar page. 

SUPS MultiGun is a timed Practical Shooting match incorporating a modern Rifle, Handgun and Shotgun. Typically a match will require around 100 rounds of rifle ammo, 100 rounds of pistol ammo, 75 birdshot, and occasionally up to 5 slugs. Match announcements on our Facebook page will contain the exact round count.

Typical equipment used is an AR-15 style rifle in .223, a modern 9mm pistol and a semi-auto 12 Gauge Shotgun, but any firearm is allowed. Since we shoot steel targets, we do NOT allow any steel-core or bi-metal bullets, or steel birdshot. Rifle ranges can be be anywhere from 5 yards to around 350.