Ken has been President of the Southern Utah Practical Shooters, the non-profit 501(c)3  that runs the range, and a board member for the Shooting Sports Park,  for 6 years.  A long time software entrepreneur and former Army enlisted and officer, he brings a mix of skills and experience to the range.  He is an avid shooter who competes in a variety of practical shooting disciplines. He also enjoys teaching and has led classes for thousands of students in our weekly Wed night clinics.  He is married with two children. His non-shooting interests include off road motorcycling, photography and travel. 

Member at Large

Glen restarted his USPSA competitive shooting in late 2010, after a 19 year break.  The move to St George Utah was the start of his focused training, working his way up to his current classification of Master in Limited division, and  A classification in Open, Production, and Single Stack.  He is also a Level 2 certified instructor for the Tactical Performance Center.   Glen is very active at the range, being co-match director for Tuesday Night Steel and 3-Gun, on the Board of Directors, and general volunteering.  He also coaches 3 very talented ladies: Jalise Williams, Justine Williams, and Kimber Dunn.   He enjoys working with people and helping them succeed.

Director of Operations
Sam moved up here from Phoenix, AZ for the position, and to get out of the Heat. Sam has been shooting competitively for 6 years in either USPSA, IPSC, or 3 gun.
He shoots as much 3 gun as possible, and is a GM in USPSA. You will likely meet him if you haven’t already; laying out a stage for an upcoming match with sledge hammer and/or a clip board in hand.

Brian Nelson
Director of Competition, Match Director
Brian Nelson has been loving the shooting sports ever since he shot his first IDPA match at age 10. Since then, he’s become a dominant force in every discipline he’s competed in, racking up top finishes in 3-Gun, USPSA Pistol and Cowboy Action Shooting. As an instructor for the Tactical Performance Center he has taught novices, 3-Gunners and DHS agents high-level shooting skills.

Brian’s responsibilities include handling sponsorships and communications for our major matches, as well as coordinating RO Volunteers. If you have ANY questions about our matches, he can be reached at [email protected]

Match Director
Jeremy began shooting multigun in 2010 and Uspsa in 2013. In Uspsa he is currently an A class in Limited. Jeremy is an officer for Enoch City Police Department. He runs the very successful Multigun and Handgun Championships for the Utah Peace Officer Association. Jeremy is a sponsored shooter for Doubletap Ammunition, a premium ammunition company. His better half is Kimber Dunn, a well known competitive shooter.

Match Director

Eric is a 9 year Army veteran and retired from the Monterey Police Department in California in 2010 after 24 years of service. Married to Linda for 37 years. He is a USPSA RO and 3 Gun MD as well as a Law Enforcement Liaison. Mostly, he’s cheap labor for match builds :). Eric is a generalist so 3 Gun most appeals to him. he also shoots both Production and Limited in USPSA.

Match Director

Kimber began shooting USPSA and Multigun in 2014. She is one of the original members of the “Dixie Pixies”, the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range ladies shooting team. She is a B class in Production and Limited in USPSA. She is  a sponsored shooter for DoubleTap Ammunition, ESS eyewear, Taran Tactical Innovations, Berry’s Bullets, Powder Valley, Gunsta Shirts, and Tactical Performance Center. She is a handgun instructor for the Tactical Performance Center. You can find her at the range several times per week practicing. You can’t miss her, she is the smiling girl in pink with 30 inch long blonde hair!