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There have been increasing complaints of incidents of bullets hitting in the neighborhood on the other side of the hill from the range.
The Shooting Sports Park Board met last night, along with Hurricane Police Department and Washington County Sheriffs office to discuss.
The board came to the decision that a
– safety analysis be done by an outside expert
– the expert will recommend changes to how the
range is built and to range procedures
– Unsupervised shooting cease.
This mostly effects the rifle/pistol range which will close til further notice but all the venues agreed to voluntarily suspend unsupervised shooting until the analysis of all facilities on the park is done.
For our venue that means that matches and training continue, but public shooting is on hiatus. So Hard as Hell, Tuesday Steel, Wed Night Handgun Mastery, SaturdayUSPSA and Multigun, and also training classes like TPC and the NRA instructor workshop being held this weekend all will happen as planned. All of these have fully supervised shooting (usually with at least 2 people monitoring each shooter).
For the park, the 200 yard rifle range is closed til the analysis is complete, and for now Purgatory Clays and Archery as well (except for events).
I view this as a very important, and necessary, step for the park. While it sucks right now, it will yield a better park, which was what I chose to focus on in my first announcement on this.
Expect changes such as more bays, softer range ground, higher berms with rocks removed, a new pro-shop location near the front of the park, and more full time-staff.
So over the next month or so I expect to see a lot of work being done, lots of improvements, and we will be back in business for public shooting as soon as we can.
Ken N.
Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range

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