2018 Match Info

Thu – 7:30am Staff. Meet in Office/Class Room Building
Fri – 8:00am. Report to your next stage
Sat – 8:00am
Sun -8:00am

All Stages -2018

Shoot Schedule

Stage/Bay Map

RO Assignment

Berry’s Steel Open Rule Book – February 2018

2017 Results

Multi-Match Finals (what we used for awards)
Dynamic Match Finals
Scramble (Par-Time) Finals
Steel Challenge Finals

Local SG Restaurants

Brass – you can arrange with your RO on a given stage to pick up your own brass. This may be be changed if your squad gets behind. The other brass is for the hard working ROs.

Lunch – we have Lonny Boys BBQ (very good!) on site. There will be a not be a lunch break, however you will place your order in the morning and it will be delivered to you, and you can eat after you shoot.

Lonny’s BBQ Menu

Please park in the main parking lot.

Berry’s Steel Open Sponsors

Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range

The Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range is a premiere shooting
sports facility located in sunny St. George, UT.

Our range hosts a large variety of events, from local matches in USPSA, 3 Gun, Action Steel, Rimfire, and other disciplines to major competitions and national championships.

We also offer advanced competition and self defense training at a negligible cost to the students. These programs have been highly successful, with many thousands of happy students learning how to safely operate firearms and be great competitors.

Everything that happens at the SUPS range is designed to expand the shooting sports and firearms industry in a safe, professional environment.

We have an extremely active shooting community and an excellent volunteer core to manage events.

For several years we have been offering free training to the local community and anyone willing to attend as a weekly handgun mastery clinic.

These classes and events are paid for with donations at the range, volunteers willing to share their time and experience, and the generous support of the industry.

Over 3000 new shooters have been trained at our Wednesday night clinics, for free.

In addition to our fantastic major matches, we run at least two local matches a week bringing in 20-30 shooters for each one.

Major matches are our specialty!
Check out the latest big events at the SUPS Range

Find our range at https://goo.gl/maps/aBg6uKU9n5S2
1134 S. Regional Park Road, Washington, UT 84780

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