About us

Our range runs "practical shooting" events and provides a way for people to practice and train for practical shooting.

We host 12 to 16 practical shooting competitions a month, (every Tue, Sat, Sun), and are also open for community events every day of the year by appointment.

We are operated by a non-profit 501(c)4 charity focused on promoting practical shooting, general shooting education and promoting the 2nd Amendment.

Come Join the Fun!

The public are VERY welcome at all of our events, as participants or as spectators.   Email or call or just drop by on a Tuesday afternoon, or Sat/Sun morning.  We will greet you with a smile and get you started!

NOTE that we do not support general use of hunting class rifles. We limit almost all shooting on our range to .22, pistol calibers, and .223, 5.56 and similar rounds.

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Questions about scheduling a visit, hosting an event, or how to get started in competitive shooting?
E-mail [email protected]
(435) 625-1745

Have Your Own Event

We are happy to help host and operate community events involving Scouts, Relief Societies, Elders Quorums, Business outings, Family Reunions, or anything you care to envision.

Contact Bob Wolf, our Community Events Coordinator at our contact number/email.

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